Mobile Apps Development Company in Bangladesh

Mobile applications are the media through which you can perform different types of works in a matter of seconds. Now-a-day almost every company or organization is trying to cope up with this rapid technological advance. It’s a digital way to expand business activities. People are using Smartphone and getting more familiar with different types of mobile applications. That’s why business farms are trying to attach mobile apps to their works to reach their target customers. But making an app for digital activities is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of effective and efficient effort. Before putting the apps in the market for general use, it needs to be tested for multiple times. Only an experienced mobile app Development Company in Bangladesh can provide the service to build and develop mobile apps with proper coding techniques. Along with other services, Piistech Ltd has been offering the best mobile app development service for a very long time. Our company can fulfill your dream of making an app with a professional touch.

Areas of App Development

Android App Development
An android operating system is the largest installed system in today’s world. Our company Piistech Ltd is trying to cope with other mobile app development companies in Bangladesh by providing the best services. We develop the android app by using Dart and Java-based technologies so that your projects can run on all android devices. We promise to be expert enough to serve you with a smooth user experience. Don’t you worry at all! Our company has got your back.
Native Apps
A native application is a software program that is designed to run on a specific device. It can be installed through an application store. The APIs and programming language allow your app to be as productive as possible. It can perform faster by harnessing the power of the processor of a device. So, there shouldn’t be any concern about the speed. Native apps can take full advantage of all the device features, like- they can use the camera, the GPS, the compass, the list of contacts, and so on. It can also work offline by using mobile notifications.
Hybrid Apps (Cross Platform)
Hybrid apps have become popular because they allow cross-platform development. The same HTML code components can be reused on different mobile operating systems. This app will provide the highest benefit with minimum development cost at a time. Piistech Ltd is providing a hybrid app development service for both android and iPhone which includes multiple sections and many native features as well.
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
Progressive Web apps became very popular when HTML5 came around and people realized that they can obtain native-like functionality in the browser. PWAs provide a set of best practices and are enhanced with modern APIs that are focusing on meeting customers’ all needs by making the site fast, installable, reliable, and engaging. Our company is trying to produce this user-friendly app with more enhanced functionality. If you want to develop an app for enterprise-level business, these PWAs will be a convenient choice.

App development process

At Piistech Ltd we follow few steps while developing an app. Hope our app development process meets all your needs.

  • Requirement collection: At the very beginning we try to figure out what our customer needs from us. After getting the client's approval, our business analyst will analyze the requirements, and then he/she will propose an app solution.
  • UI/ UX Design: in this step, we try to make a development of blueprint structure. A wireframe will be prepared with each detail. And then our main focus will be the design to satisfy the client's need.
  • Development: After completing the design part the rest task goes to the development team. In this step, the developers will set the program coding part carefully. They will follow their development strategies to make it unique.
  • Testing: The testing part requires expert hands. Our engineers will test the app over and over until it's 100% bug-free. Then they will send it to the clients and wait for their approval.
  • Deployment: Your app will be ready to move on to the stores. It can be placed on both android and iOS stores. And finally, your desired app will be ready to use in the real-time world.
  • Support and Maintenance: Piistech Ltd is very interested to provide any support related to your app. Our expert team will be available 24*7 for solving your problem.

Why Choose Piistech Ltd?

To build a strong business relationship mobile app is a must. Not only large enterprises but also small businesses need this advancement. It’s a way to send all information to the targeted audience. It also helps you to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

If you have a large business you must need to improve in this area. We are now stepping into the digital marketing world. So those who have expertise in this sector are making their own space successfully.

If you develop a mobile app in your business, your customers can get easily connected with the services you provide. You might get confused about where should you go for a mobile app development service?

There is also a term which is reliability. It’s because not all mobile app development company in Bangladesh is reliable. You need to find a company that intends to serve the best quality work. Well, Piistech Ltd is one of the best client-centric service provider companies in Dhaka.

Our company offers the best app-making cost in Bangladesh. Question may arise that why you should choose us? The answers are pointed below:

A dedicated team of developers:

The team of app developers will assure you the best completion service with the best result.

Full support:

Client satisfaction is our core concern. We are always there to provide full support to our clients. Our team's support will be available for solving all the problems.

Client-centric environment:

Piistech Ltd is fully a client-centered company that works to develop our client’s project and meet all the expectations.

Quality delivery:

We believe in quality service. We are here not for a day; we want to be the best service provider by showing our quality work to you.
We are here to produce an effective product. Hope you will get more than you are expecting.

On-time completion:

Completing any task within a timeline is a responsibility. Our team tries its best to deliver the tasks on time. We try to be punctual regarding all client’s issues.

Data protection:

There should be no question about your privacy issue. We ensure you that confidentiality will be maintained strictly.