Clutch Recognizes Piistech Ltd as 2022’s Leading B2B Company from Bangladesh

In search of an award-winning partner who can help you with custom software development, Flutter app development, or more? Piistech Ltd is the one-stop-shop you need for your bespoke design and development needs. Based in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, our team has the brightest professionals ready to help you stand out and make a powerful impact.

Over the years, we’ve outgrown so many challenges and boundaries but the one thing that remained constant is our commitment to our clients. Because of their phenomenal support and exciting projects, we’ve earned recognition as a Clutch Leader! According to their esteemed report, Piistech Ltd is among the best service providers from Bangladesh this 2022!

Clutch is a B2B reviews platform that aids companies all over the world in connecting with the solution providers they require to boost productivity and performance. Every year, the platform holds an awards cycle to celebrate the brightest firms that successfully met their strict selection methodology. Companies must demonstrate an outstandingly high ability to provide their clients with top-quality services in order to be considered for a Clutch Leader Award.

Receiving this award is no minor accomplishment, thus we are grateful for the honor. Thank you so much to each and every one of our beloved clients for your gracious support and trust. The earnest reviews you’ve given us allowed us to prove what we can do. We are very grateful for every project you’ve all entrusted us with.

Ready to work with Piistech Ltd? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let’s find out how we can work together. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!