Dedicated Development Team

One of the primary abilities of PIISTech is to build devoted engineering teams and software development, maintenance and/or testing centers of excellence. We have performed this service, which we call DDC.  We have created multiple teams for our clients that work on software products and solutions ranging from operating systems and medical devices to internal banking systems and mobile and online services.

We offer three service levels:

Ø  Simple staff augmentation. At this level, we provide skilled engineers according to the client's requirements. The task of people and project management is left to the client.

Ø  Basic DDC. At this level, we provides the team and performs people management. However, the process used by the team is entirely defined and controlled by the client.

Ø  Advanced DDC. At this level, in addition to the Basic DDC service, we also work on defining and controlling the process used by the team.

The dedicated team definition claims it to be a business model where the company provides development professionals for a long time period for designing the product. It means that it’s inefficient for short projects. Instead,It is highly helpful for a vibrant project where demands and duties are constantly changing, but where we can obviously see the ultimate objective. The project's scope can alter as many times as necessary, and the team will work on its enhancement. In this situation, we can identify the main positive features of such an implementation:

Ø  gives the possibility to increase or reduce  team when it’s necessary for the customer’s company or conduct staff replacements without spending additional costs;

Ø  The workflow is adjusted to meet the customer’s company needs;

Ø  provides a possibility to quickly make decisions or change the development course (which is very difficult to do in other development models);

Ø  Oversees short releases of the product and a gradual feature build-up. The product itself should be ready for delivery after each release. Such releases can be good motivators for a team that is interested in retaining the planned deadlines;

Ø  The workflow is transparent: there is no psychological need to conceal possible problems in the implementation of the product from the customer, which enables prompt response and quick decisions about the need for certain enhancements to the functionality.