Best HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

The world of business is flying too fast. The success of the business in a broader sense mostly depends on Human resource management. But how smartly the employees are treated or directed triggers the business output. What makes your business effective is now directly depends on how much your human resource connects to the cutting-edge technologies. To drive your most valuable assets, HR software has been evolved.
Want to make your business best than ever? To better build a great business, HR& Payrolls software are in heights today. If you are ready to lead today’s business, you must manage your HR department in a feasible way that will bring your business two steps forward. (Piistech Ltd HR and Payroll software), amongst the best HR software in Bangladesh is here to build the foundation of trust and achieve amazing results for your business.

Why Our Hr Software is the Best in Bangladesh?

Our effort is more than our job. Piistech Ltd provides what is best for you by building, designing, coding after consulting. We try to do something new, better than the other and our attempt is to provide things you have never thought. Piistech Ltd provides a modern and updated HR and payroll management system that results in less effort & the highest productivity. Our dynamic HRM system covers most of the essential modules to manage your most valuable assets- human capital. Our complete HR system sorts up a large number of features that have made it the best HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh.

Hr and Payroll Software Features

  • Payroll Management: Payroll software comes up with critical features, but the most important thing is to provide a secure payroll management system. If the payroll management system is not cost or time-effective and accurate entire HR process is affected. We ensure a minimum effort but maximum output that is able to make your HR more productive.
  • Attendance Management Becoming the best attendance software in Bangladesh Piistech Ltd HR and Payroll software allows your organization to keep them all in all attendance of your employees. Piistech Ltd HRM provides an easy and effective way to meet your attendance management. You can customize extra features if you need like shift schedules, attendance summary, shift distribution, etc.
  • Performance Assessment In the course of your free time or any need, you may see the information of any individual relating to your company. Performance assessment will provide you with all the information you like to know like, personal details, skills, compensation, or demographic info confidently. It’s easy to see in Piistech Ltd's HRM software management system.
  • Benefits Management Our high-featured software provides a subsidiary benefits management system that includes insurance, pension plan, stocks, and so on. We try to fulfill all the significant aspects related to your business. Piistech Ltd HRM providing system is feature enriched. Customization is available according to your business infrastructure. We build them to keep your business updated and different than others.
  • Employee Self-service This module allows the employees to access their own profiles and see their own information and payroll data without involving HR staff. It’s rapid and easy as well as a time saver system. So, the self-service feature cuts extra costs and saves time. We ensure the system is user-friendly and accurate for the employee so that they can understand the true value of the business.
  • Scheduling & Time-Table Management It’s an important feature to deal with. Employees will be able to apply for their leaves, vacation and can see the approval in this phase. We use an easy-to-use cloud-based scheduling system by which the management can create, modify and share employees’ schedules. Meet our efficient team or request for a demo to see how we maintain our job to keep your HR up to date.

After sales support for our Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh

We will show more enthusiasm for supporting you further up to 2 months after delivering the project. You will get support whenever you want from our excellence. If there is any viable change needed insight, it is also possible during this time. Our support packs are available for up to two months. After that, to put your things right, we will go further by a new maintenance contract.
It is also likely that, if you take software subscription, you will get monthly support.

Request a Demo
Piistech Ltd is always user-friendly and keen to serve you all the time, anytime! Naturally, we feel proud to make distinguished software to lead the business forward. You are requested to feel free to contact us if you face any kind of difficulties driving your existing software. Our experienced management team is always there for you. Our trainer is always there to guide you at your preferred time. Just share with us your valuable inquiry, questions, and your objectives, and see how Piistech Ltd promotes your business appreciation. All the information will help us to design a demo to meet your desires.
Fingerprint Attendance Machine
Fingerprint attendance machine, a high level of security machine for tracking employees’ attendance that is very easy to use but ensures ultimate calculation. This machine uses a biometric credential that is super unique and can accurately identify the fingerprint which can never be duplicated by another person. So, put in ice, the safe and easy calculation for attendance, clocking in and out time or working hours, etc. with this software-driven automated machine.

Why Piistech Ltd:
Hr and Payroll Software?

Piistech Ltd believes in greater creativity. We build HR& Payroll software and make them easy to control. Piistech Ltd ensures global standard software and tends to own the outcomes from both management and the users. We specially focus on the things that take your business forward. We provide the best HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh that ensures the safety and easiness of tracking the employee records accurately with great performance. We are user-friendly, cost-effective, and provide diverse features from small to large enterprises.

Our Values

Customer obsession
The business world is moving fast but ERP is too slow. We are ready to design a faster system that will deliver you extraordinary results and help to grow your business faster. We are highly customizable due to our tools enrichment and ready to adapt more by which your business will run faster.
Training& Implementation
Our certified experts provide comprehensive training and ensure a successful implementation. We train that truly touches your dream and help your team to flourish your business.
E-Commerce App Development
Our support-friendly team is always there for you. If you find anything goes wrong or face any problem, your satisfaction is our priority, just keep an eye on us; our support team will knock out your problem with their best effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much Your HR software cost?

It depends on organization sizes and the number of employees. Sometimes it varies for features inclusion.

2. Do you charge monthly or yearly?

We offer monthly subscription package for HR and Payroll software.

3. Do you provide support?

Yes, we have a support team to provide for your needs. Our team members are incredibly user-friendly and supportive.

4. How much safe is my data in your company?

Piistech Ltd is a proud member of E-CAB and certified by ISO ensuring your complete safety and security. We provide a hundred percent secured designs and to keep the data safe our monitoring system continuously runs 24/7. So, you are free from worry. Your sensitive data remain safe in the cloud service.

5. How will your HR and Payroll software help my organization?

There are multiple benefits of our HR software. It always gives accurate details about the HR statistics as well as the performances of the employees. It saves time, reduces errors, secure document and after all, it is a cost-saving process. Overall, it makes the whole department faster and more productive.

6. Will you help me to setup your software?

For sure, you will get full expert support to setup your software and we will provide our service to migrate all the data from other HR software.

7. How can I choose the best HR software in Bangladesh?

If you want to make the best software, you have to spend a lot. Then you should consider much of your valuable time to evaluate a few things up like price, features, support, scalability, response, feasibility, etc. which are signs of good service providers. After that, you can request a demo to match your requirements and never hesitate to ask questions about the extra features. We suggest you test us in all the way you can.

8. How many features do you include in HR software?

  • Attendance management system
  • Payroll management systems
  • Employee leave management,
  • Shift management,
  • Tax management,
  • Expense management,
  • Employee management,
  • Employee tracking,
  • Tasks management,
  • Digital noticeboard,
  • Notification,
  • Data encryption,
  • IP whitelist, and so on.