Recurring Monthly Revenue(RMR Cloud)

Recurring Monthly Revenue(RMR Cloud)

Client: Central Station Marketing

Country: United States of America

Web site:

Project Description:

RMR stands for Recurring Monthly Revenue. It is a Cloud-Based Business Management Software for Security & Automation Dealers. Our robust platform gives your team an edge with permission-based login for various tools and reports. We provided our system for twenty clients. Our system is Web Responsive.RMR is the most important metric for financial growth. There are other important metrics like growth rate, retention, average sales price, and rep productivity, but at the end of the day, the most important metric is the amount of monthly recurring revenue customers are willing to put on their credit card or pay through an invoice. These companies will record these future revenues as they are almost certain that monthly payments will be made over the duration of the legal-binding contracts signed by customers.


Ø  Lead Management

Ø  E-Contract

Ø  SMS or Email Notification

Ø  Sales Portal

Ø  Email Template

Ø  User  Management

Ø  Customer Portal

Ø  Automatic Recurring  Billing

Ø  Third Party Integration

Ø  Online Customer Payments

Ø  Inventory /PO-Management