Property Queen Australia

Property Queen Australia

Client: Property Queen

Country: Australia

Web site:

Project Description:

A platform to show Australia projects for real estate agents and developers. Linking estate owners to purchase or lease with expected buyers. is Australia’s first map-based web portal to provide home owners, real estate agents and developers with an advertising platform to display their property. Property Queen Australia was founded in 2015 and is a community marketplace for individuals in Australia to sell, purchase and lease estate online or from a mobile phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad). Property Queen Australia seeks to link home vendor and buyer through a trouble-free platform, offering the simplest and quickest solution for selling, buying and renting estate through integrated marketing and advertising solution for everyone. We are prepared to help home vendors, real estate agents and developers in listing the property in the easiest manner. We provide the fastest way to find the finest estate for home buyers. Property Queen is Australia’s first map-based property portal to provide English and Mandarin languages to meet the requirements of tourists, and to introduce and review properties in Australia by PQTV with Property Queen Host. Property Queen Australia manages to gain trusts from Australia’s property owners, developers and buyers from the beginning of its journey. Our system provides features:

Ø  Residential Properties for Sale

Ø  Residential Properties for Rent

Ø  Commercial Properties for Sale

Ø  Commercial Properties for Rent

Ø  Properties for Sale

Ø  Properties for Rent

Ø  Properties to Buy

Ø  Developer Listing

Ø  Agent Listing

Ø  Developer Showcase

Ø  Agent Property Showcase

Ø  Email Notification

Ø   Track Property Status

Ø   Payment Gateway Integrate

Ø  Developer Verification Process

Ø  Agency Verification Process

It is an Australia best property management system.