Follow These Trends In Your SEO Strategies in 2019

Rumors have surfaced that the end of SEO will be soon and the social channel will generate more traffic than the search engines, but do they confirm? We’ve been at the 2018 Web Summit, listening to what Sarah Bird, CEO of MOZ on SEO trends for 2019 says.

Apparently, a tradition is created in the Web Summit: to present the trends of SEO for the following year. Last year we had the presence of Randi Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, a North American specialist in Inbound Marketing. 
Where we are searching

According to a Jumpshot, the study quoted by Sarah Bird during her talk at the 2018 Web Summit, 89.5% of online surveys are done on Google; 62.6% on “traditional” Google as a text search engine, 22.6% on Google Images and 4.3% on Youtube, which also belongs to Google.

Will SEO “die” in 2019?

Given that Google continues to dominate online surveys and is still growing, everything points to a “no” that few or no doubts left. And yes, we should continue to focus on improving the SEO of our sites; only then will we be able to make them appear – ideally – on the first page of Google results.

Let’s continue with the analysis that proves the (still) domain of SEO.


  • 2.8% – paid traffic (Google Adwords SEM)
  • 62.2% – organic traffic
  • 35% – no clicks


  • 2% – paid traffic (Google Adwords SEM)
  • 40.9% – organic traffic
  • 57.1 – no clicks

As we can easily see, organic results generate 20 times more clicks than paid results.

The more that SEO is not on the verge of end, being ahead of search engine optimization has never been so crucial to modern business.

Regarding SEO trends for the next year, briefly what is important to note is that it remains necessary and encouraged to work the SEO strategy. In order for our pages to continue (or begin to appear) on the first page of Google results, Sarah Bird recommended:

1. Content strategy

Content is (still) king and we should bet on content strategy. One of the renowned USA Albuquerque SEO companies have already written about this topic on their blog, so we invite you to know the 3 reasons why you should trust in content strategy.

2. “Position zero”

The most coveted place on the front page of Google search results is no longer the number 1. Rank zero is now the most coveted place, the holy grail of SEO.

It consists of a highlight on the first page of results (SERP) in which it presents a paragraph of text, as well as an image.

The use of the image causes our eye to be immediately attracted to this result during a survey.

If you’d like to have content in one of these highlights at zero, consider placing question-and-answer sequences on your Google business page. Tables with structured information may also be placed above the organic results listing.

Even if the competition for top positions becomes more crowded, with respect to the highlights, smaller sites also have a good chance of receiving high rankings if they provide well-structured responses that Google can use.

What is your target audience searching on the internet?

So in 2019, you should ask yourself more and more what your target audience is searching on the internet. The more you meet that need with the content you produce, the better your chances of being ranked at zero.

3. Lists

If you have a business profile on Google, try to include lists in written content or in articles on your blog. According to Sarah Bird, Google loves lists! Who does not?

The Food Network television channel published an article in the form of a list that was suggested in Google’s zero position in searches for “how to arrange a cheese platter,” which is precisely the name of the article.

4. Voice Search

Voice research has also been a trend to take more and more into account. In January 2018, Alpine.AI estimated more than 1 billion (one billion) voice searches per month.

How to improve SEO in 2019?

 In addition to the tips in the previous point that are directly related to the new trends, there are others that we must continue to put into practice to ensure that we are in fact optimizing search results for our business, content, product, online store, etc.

Let’s look at some:

  1. Continue to work the “technical SEO ” of the content ;
  2. Do not neglect the images: as we have seen, Google Images is the most searched channels. Be sure to always place keywords in the ALT Tags of the images you enter on your site or blog, for example.
  3. Your website has to be mobile-friendly ;
  4. Ensure that your site is secure (with SSL certificate );
  5. Work the speed of your site, especially in the mobile version;
  6. The Meta Descriptions care; is very;
  7. The same is true for Title Tags ;
  8. If you have a business, make sure the information on it is correct on Google and Google Maps; today, more and more research on this tool is being carried out.


If only I can retain a conclusion of this article that is: SEO will not die in 2019. If you have come this far, we can offer you a second conclusion: keeping abreast of SEO trends for the next year is important, but it is of little use if we neglect the basics.

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