Bangladesh FinTech Summit

Bangladesh FinTech Summit

Bangladesh FinTech Summit is designed around the core vision of “Unlocking the true potential of finance for people, community and society and help Bangladesh to achieve its potential.”

Bangladesh is at the most critical stage of its development and progress. The country is poised to make its biggest jump in progress aiming to becoming a developing nation by 2021 and developed nation by 2041 aiming to reach a stretching target of becoming a 3 TN dollar economy by 2041.

For Bangladesh the key focus is growing in the age of 4th IR – and creating a human centric innovation led model which ensures the true value of 4th IR to reach all social strata.

Any nations Financial sector plays a vital role in shaping the future and growth potential. And FINTECH will play the critical role for Bangladesh in how it shapes the industry and broad financial space for the vision.


Provide collaborative space to FinTech companies to share learning, success and failure with present and aspiring FinTech Companies and entrepreneurs.

Initiate policy dialogue for right policy framework for Future Fintech companies to thrive sustainably.

Nurturing the FinTech Ecosystem so that Bangladesh receives the full benefit and value of Global FinTech drive and movement.

Bangladesh FinTech Summit will comprise of,

4 Keynote Session by Global FinTech Experts
4 Panel Discussions by Business Leaders
3 Insight Sessions by Local Experts
3 Breakout Session by Local Experts

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Contact: +880 1722 077 784

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